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Buying a new Side by Side Fridge Freezer is helped when you have reliable customer reviews to help you make your decision on which one to choose. Where possible we have featured specific model reviews to offer customer feedback which may help you in making the right decision for the best refrigerator that will suit your needs and suit your household and circumstances the best. Checkout the best quality fridge freezers in UK here.

All people have different needs and different budgets to play with. You may be working to a tight budget and searching for a relatively cheap Refrigerator, but still want style, class and indeed sophistication, naturally you want to find the right price.

No doubt everyone is always looking for the same thing, a reasonably priced if not reasonably cheap Side by Side Fridge freezer, your needs and circumstances may differ to the next person, Similarly you may be looking to buy what is widely claimed to be the Best Side by Side Refrigerator. In most cases you will always be looking to find the lowest priced refrigerator for the model you choose.

This is were this site comes in, as not only are we a valuable source of information for fridge-freezers, but you can compare lowest prices and check availability with major suppliers such as 24-7, Appliance city, Tribal UK, John Lewis, Currys, Dixons, Comet, Digital Direct and many more.

Cream American Style Fridge Freezers

Cream American Fridge Freezers offer a neutral tone on the finish that complements most existing flooring or cabinet colours, especially medium to dark woods. If that is your chosen colour, you’ll find a good variety of units from many makers of quality fridge freezers.

Most units today are side by side free standing models, which offers tremendous convenience and easy reach of items on both side. If you use very little frozen food, a fridge over freezer is a great choice that will keep you from hardly ever having to stoop to reach what you need.

Many Cream American Style Fridge Freezers made boast excellent energy ratings which use less electricity and produce cost savings. Look for one with an A or A+ rating for the best value.

Silver American Style Fridge Freezers

Silver is a very distinctive colour and Silver American Style Fridge Freezers add a fancy touch to any kitchen space, especially where contemporary or electric kitchen décor is in use. Look for Silver American Fridge Freezers from all the major manufacturers, and you’ll likely have a good selection of side by side and top/bottom models from which to choose.

Inside the Silver American Fridge Freezers look for a storage arrangement that suits your needs, including adjustable shelves or door balconies, vegetable crispers, pull-out freezer drawers for easy access, and perhaps a horizontal bottle shelf to keep your wine bottles nicely chilled. A separate meat compartment for hygiene safety is also a nice touch, as is an ice and chilled water dispenser on the exterior of the door.

LG GRG227STBA Fridge Freezer


The LG GRG227STBA is an amazing American style Refrigerator. The term amazing really isn’t exaggerating when it comes to a kitchen appliance such as this. What you get with this model is something unique and with a guarantee of high quality. Most Side by Sides come with standard features such as water and ice dispenser, extra shelving or LED Display. Not this model though, this takes on the rest of the competition from other brands and blows them away!

With the LG GRG227STBA you don’t just get a high performing and stylish looking LG USA fridge freezer. What you also get, almost unbelievably is an integrated 15” LCD screen fits on on the front door panel of your Refrigerator. If there wasn’t an all round entertainment fridge system for the kitchen before; there is now.

Here you will find the finest selection Side by Side Fridge_freezers designed with your requirements and family needs in mind. LG believe that customers make up the foundation of their business and they are dedicated to providing innovative products with intelligent features, intuitive functionality, and exceptional performance. By exploring new markets, listening to customer needs and developing the very products that will make their life that bit more easier and efficient is what LG is all about.


Water and Ice Dispenser

A popular feature on American styled Refrigerators is the water and ice dispenser. You can have a continuous supply of chilled water, saving you not just on space, but also on money as you will never have to buy anymore bottled water ever again. You also have the option of both crushed or cubed ice.

In Door Ice maker

Unsually LG have moved the ice maker to the freezer door. The Xtra Space icer is the first real door mounted ice making system. As a consequence it frees up 10% of freezer space, you can see clearly how much ice there is left and the removable ice bucket makes this extremely easy to clean.

Sensor Technology

The GRG227STBA has seven Digital Sensors and will respond to unwanted temperature fluctuations keeping the interior temperature inside your refrigerator constant.

Mini Fridges – Convenience in a Small Package

If you live in a dorm or share an apartment you know that often space is a precious commodity. There simply is no available space for a full size refrigerator. The same is true for those who work long hours in an office but want the convenience of a cold drink or sandwich available. This is where mini fridges save the day. Built to save space they provide a means to keep things cold. Mini fridges are also very affordable – there is one to fit every budget.You can also some of the best mini fridge in UK here.

In the Dorm

Mini fridges can be a life saver to a student staying up late to work on exams. Sure most dorms have a central fridge or kitchen area for students but who wants to traipse down there if they don’t have too. With a variety of price ranges and looks you are sure to find something to meet your needs. The Micro Mini Fridge holds a six pack of soda cans or several drinks and a sandwich or two. This mini fridge is not only compact but portable. It’s easily placed in a car or pickup and taken with you for parties or lat night study get togethers.

Game Rooms

Another place mini fridges are right at home is in a game room or rec room. If you converted your basement into a game room for the kids a mini fridge will save needless trips into the upstairs for drinks. Keeps drinks nice and cold during game season when no one wants to move away from the TV.

At The Office

Mini fridges are just for students. They are perfect for the workaholic as well. They come in a variety of sleek styles that will fit with any décor. You can also purchase a mini fridge, such as the Danby refrigerator freezer combo, that has a freezer built in for extra convenience. The fridge below has a sleek stainless steel look that is the epitome of modern professionalism. And for just $100 it’s a steal!





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