Best Pool Vacuum Cleaners

Nothing can compare to the enjoyment of bathing in your own backyard. It’s no surprise that swimming pools are becoming more and more popular with the average homeowner, especially given their competitive pricing. But these facilities require a lot of maintenance as well. Cleaning your swimming pool should become an integral part of your house work. In this way you will ensure that the facility will be perfectly safe and enjoyable for all the members of your family. If you are looking for best quality vacuum cleaners in India, then checkout top 10 vacuum cleaners here.

You have to provide basic cleaning every day. You have to remove any debris and insects floating in the water on a daily basis in order to provide for the comfort of the users of the pool. While you can use a simple skimmer net to remove all the debris from the water, the use of pool vacuum cleaners makes the job considerably easier. Generally, it is best for your swimming pool not to be surrounded by trees and bushes. You have to cut the ones that are near it to make sure it will not get dirty easily. It is a good idea to sweep the deck often as well. A lot of pool owners prefer to use covers especially during the autumn. You can buy some of the top quality vacuum cleaners here.

Cleaning your swimming pool walls and floors is crucial. It has to be done on a weekly basis. You have to use a brush or swimming pool vacuum cleaners to remove all the dirt from the walls and floors. Keep in mind that you have to go over each area a number of times to make sure even the small dirt particles are removed.

You should pay special attention to all corners. They are the hardest to clean so do not miss to scrub them extensively. The stairs are also difficult to clean and they tend to sustain more dirt. It is important for you scrub carefully all sides of the steps and the handles. You have to clean the area on the wall behind the stairs as well if it is an open one.

In order for your swimming pool to be perfectly clean you have to maintain the filter properly as well. This is not difficult and you can do it on your own. The filter has to be cleaned monthly and perhaps even more regularly during the summer when the pool is more heavily used.

If you have a standard sand filter you have to backwash it. You simply have to reverse the water flow through the filter for a couple of minutes until the wastewater becomes perfectly clean. If you have a cartridge filter you have to remove it first. Then you have to wash it using a hose. Replace the cartridge before you return the filter.

Cleaning is not an easy task when it comes to water maintenance. It is best for you to use a special kit to make sure it has pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness within the standard ranges. If any of these factors is not within the normal limits you have to take the necessary steps to fix the problem. You will usually have to apply a kind of chemical or a sanitizer. You have to do this by following the instructions provided with the product closely.

All things considered, pool vacuums make the job of maintenance much easier, allowing you more time to enjoy your investment. And after all, isn’t that what your pool is for?

Types of Pool Vacuum Cleaners

Swimming pool vacuum cleaners do all the work of cleaning your pool without you having to. There are several types of swimming pool vacuum cleaners like automatic pressure-side cleaners, automatic suction-side cleaners, and robotic automatic pool cleaners. Let’s start with an overview of each type and then view their pros and cons.

Automatic pressure-side cleaners

Automatic pressure-side cleaners work with water pressure coming from a pump. The pressure pump drives the cleaner around the pool. It forces the debris into the bag as it makes its path around the pool. One of its pros is that it doesn’t suck debris into your pool filter or pump basket. If you have a pool that is adjacent to a bunch of trees or bushes, then this is the pool cleaner for you.

The pros of this type of cleaner include your cleaner being able to clean the pool a little better, a longer-lasting pump life, and you won’t have to worry about additional expenses. Its cons are that it is not able to filter ultra-small particles through the bag, and it does a terrible job of scrubbing the wall. These kinds of cleaners really don’t act like moving drains, and that can be bad if you have some really small grime, tough stuff to get, or a horrible pool side wall.

Automatic suction-side cleaners

Automatic suction-side cleaners are another type of pool vacuums. They use the engine of suction to make them move and vacuum the stuff along the surface of the pool floor. This also sucks in water through its moving drain so it causes the swimming pool to turn over more water faster. Some of these pool cleaners have the ability to scrub your pool walls so it can cut down the amount of times that you actually have to scrub your walls.

The cons of an automatic suction-side cleaner are that they suck stuff straight into your filter and pump basket. This can disrupt your clean pool filter and be a nightmare later on. The cleaner relies on the suction from your main pump, and it will drive around the pool and vacuum stuff up.

Robotic automatic pool cleaners

Robotic automatic pool cleaners are yet another type of pool cleaner. These are driven by electric motors that rest inside the unit. Electricity powers the cleaner that comes from a little transformer that is plugged into a GFCI outlet. The transformer will convert the outlet electricity to a low voltage which will then be connected to the cleaner through a long cord. This is one of the best types of pumps for small debris. They also help to circulate the water in your pool.

The cons of a robotic pool cleaner are many. First of all, they are incredibly expensive. If it ever breaks, you will have to mail it to the factory or manufacturing facility to get it fixed. Plus, it is incredibly difficult to use in a variety of types of swimming pools that don’t already work well it based on their internal architecture. The on-board computer can also make it confusing.

Whichever you choose, it’s important to recognize the importance of cleaning your swimming pool. While there’s never a “good” time to do this work, there is definitely a “bad” time – right when you want to go swimming!


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