Essential Oils – Do They Really Are So Effective?

If you’re looking for information on where to buy essential oils, you’ve come to the right place. There are practically thousands of places online where you can place your order, however how do you know which online stores are reliable? And here I don’t only mean reliable in terms of actually fulfilling the order and shipping it out on time, but also more importantly, sending you 100% pure essential oils that are needed for aromatherapy at home or in your practice.

Some aromatherapy practitioners already have a local supplier of pure grade oils, however many people are just starting out, or simply want some oils for making their surrounding environment more pleasing, for learning to make perfumes or simply because they’re curious about how to use essential oils. I am a long term aromatherapist practitioner (hobby wise only) and over the time I’ve learned which online stores to trust and what to stay away from. You should also know, in order to effectively use essential oils, you will need a good oil diffusers. I will be also discussing about best oil diffusers of UK in 2018 later in this article.

What To Consider When Buying Essential Oils

When buying essential oils, there are a few things you should consider. The most important aspect is what you need the oils for. Is it for aromatherapy, for self-healing, for giving your room a pleasant smell and atmosphere, for making natural perfumes, for cleaning your home, for making candles? For some of these you need 100% pure grade essential oils. For others, fragrant oils or oils that are not 100% pure are more than enough.

For aromatherapy

For aromatherapy you need pure unadulterated 100% grade essential oils. Whether you are using essential oils for stress relief, in aromatherapy massage or in aromatherapy diffuser, to really get the health benefits of the oils, they should be pure distilled from the best quality plants out there.

This is why when buying your essential oils, you need to make sure that you do have, indeed, a reliable source, one that you can trust that will give you the best oils you can get, even if you have to pay a bit more for them.

For making candles or for fragrance
If you don’t much care for healing benefits of the oils, but you need something that smells nice so you can add it to your home made soaps, candles, or for giving your home a pleasant fragrance, then you can use fragrance oils or even food grade oils. These are either a mix of pure essential oils with chemicals included, or are simply fragrance oils that have been synthetically manufactured. These oils are much more inexpensive than the pure aromatherapy oils.

Why I Think Quality Does Matter For Essential Oil

Before getting involved in aromatherapy I used to buy fragrance oils very cheap from any seller I found nearby. However while studying the properties of oils and the differences between pure oils and not so pure ones, I’ve come to realize that is indeed important what we come in contact with, what we inhale and what we put on our skin.

  • Did you know that if the plant was sprayed with tons of pesticides, the essential oil distilled from that plant will still contain the harmful chemicals that were in the pesticide? Imagine using that oils on your skin, or on the skin of your kids!
  • Did you know that adulterated oils (those that have been chemically altered) can actually be more harmful than helpful? When the oil is changed, some of the chemical elements are basically removed – in many cases simply to make the oil more affordable. While this is OK in the perfume industry, it is NOT OK for the use in aromatherapy. Adulteration changes the natural balance of the oils thus greatly reducing the healing properties, and at times even inducing unwanted side effects.
  • Did you know that essential oils sold in plastic bottles can become quite useless in quality? Essential oils have the tendency to dissolve plastic material which greatly diminishes their quality. Same with essential oils sold in clear bottles. Oils that come into contact with air and light can deteriorate quite fast, thus losing their healing properties by the time they reach your home.

Choosing The Best Essential Oil Diffusers – 10 Points To Consider

Before telling you where to buy essential oils, let’s stop for just a little and discuss HOW to buy your essential oils. Knowing what to stay away from can greatly enhance your positive shopping experience. So here are some points to consider when choosing vendors to buy the oils from.

    1. If an oil is labeled ‘therapeutic grade essential oil’ or aromatherapy grade’ oil, beware of that seller. The reason is that currently there is no such thing as ‘therapeutic oil’. Every 100% oil is therapeutic. There is no oil that is MORE therapeutic than another if the process of gathering the plant and distilling the essential oil has been carefully done. This is basically a marketing ploy to get you to buy their (higher priced) oils instead of others.
    2. Before buying the essential oils, do not be afraid to ask some extra questions from the supplier. For example you might want to know if the plants and herbs that were used to distill the oils have been previously sprayed with pesticides or other chemicals.
      How are the oils tested for purity? Do they have their own testing lab, or are they using a reliable testing laboratory in order to check the actual composition of the oil? Have the crops been harvested at the right time and season to ensure the best quality oils? Have the oils been adulterated in any way?
    3. Does the company from where you want to buy the oils have actual expertise in aromatherapy, in distilling and using the oils? Also do they have a good website that offers lots of quality information about their oils and how to use them? Do they have enough educational material on the site and is their information regularly updated?
    4. Before you buy, don’t be shy to ask for a sample of their oils. A reputable and respectable company will not have a problem in sending you a small sample for you to try out before buying.
    5. Check the prices not only between different companies, but also within the same company for different oils. If all the oils are sold at the same (or very similar) price, buyer beware! Depending on the plant used and the difficulty in distillation from some plants, the prices will vary quite a lot. For example lavender oil will be much cheaper than a rose essential oil.
    6. When browsing through the vendor’s website, see images of the bottles of oils. At the minimum you should see the English name of the oil, the latin name and the country of origin. The reason is that there are different varieties of the same oil, each with their own special properties. For example when you buy chamomile oil, there is the Moroccan chamomile oil, the Roman chamomile oil and the German chamomile oil.
    7. If you can afford to buy organic essential oils instead of non-organic ones, go for it. They are more expensive, however their quality is simply superior because the plants had no pesticides on them.
    8. Check for buyer feedback and consumer reports. For example if you buy your oils at Amazon (I buy several oils from Amazon sellers), always check the feedback of previous buyers. If there are negative signals, move on to the next seller. For other websites, there are various places with consumer feedback and opinion that you can check out to see what their experience with shopping at the online store has been. Never simply buy blindly online.
    9. Try to avoid buying essential oils at street corners, fairs, market stalls and other ‘gathering’ event places. If you buy something of low quality, you might never find that very seller again to complain about his product. Some sellers are simply ‘off-loaders’ of their oils just to make some quick money. If you do have to buy from these places, ask loads of questions from the seller about the quality, etc.
    10. Never buy your oils from the first online seller you find. Compare stores, visit various websites and get a feel first by following the tips above before spending your money.

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