Healing Through Ice Cream

Bet you never thought to use ice cream for these creative and humorous remedies!

The latest research from the Ice Cream for Healing Institute in Utopia-land, brings to light some fascinating information that is guaranteed to afford relief to tens of thousands of itchy people.

There is now evidence that ice cream, once thought of as merely a culinary delight, is actually a valuable tool in the fight against itching.

Here is a summary of the current findings, in laymen’s language, and the practical applications of ice cream in the treatment of severe itching. You can checkout some of the best ice cream makers here.


Ice cream contains a combination of ingredients that, together, numb the epithelial layer of skin and cause the endorphins to release their “discomfort suppressing” chemicals.


Head Lice Treatment:

*take one container of fruit flavored ice cream (lemon, lime, or orange sherbet seem most effective, as well as any of the rum flavors)
*lather the hair with a generous amount of ice cream and keep it on for 10 minutes
*this will sufficiently numb or intoxicate any lice and freeze any nits
*while you are waiting for the ice cream remedy to take effect, serve yourself and your child an equally large portion of ice cream and… enjoy.
*the hair should now be slippery and easy to comb.
*serve your child an additional scoop of ice cream and quickly comb through the hair.
*gently rinse out the ice cream over a sink and dry the hair.
* Voila!   The head is now lice free and everyone is happy!

Athlete’s Foot Treatment

*take one container of your favorite ice cream
* put a small scoop into one cup and a very large scoop into a second cup
*gently massage the small scoop of ice cream into the affected foot with the left hand
*leisurely eat the very large scoop of ice cream, using the right hand
* you should soon feel considerable relief from the coolness on your foot
* you should also soon feel calm and relaxed from the gentle coolness in your throat.
* repeat this treatment as needed.

Mosquito Bite Treatment

*take two containers of your favorite ice cream
*cover all affected skin surfaces with a generous amount of ice cream, to draw out the intense itching and to cool the bitten areas
* with a large spoon, begin to ingest ice cream from both containers until you no longer feel the itching
*relief should begin within approximately 10 minutes
*repeat as needed

The research institute is publishing this news as a public service.
Although commercial ice creams have proven effective, those ice creams made at home, in an ice cream machine, have proven slightly more potent and quicker acting.

Note: In case these techniques are less effective than you’d hoped when you actually try them, just remember that laughter is the best medicine. You can feel confident in your efforts to improve your health because you know that by being happier you are strengthening your immune system and thus fighting many health issues all at once.

How To Handle Kids Who Are Picky Eaters:

Does your child have a sweet tooth? Is it making your life crazy because your little darling will only eat food if it’s sweet?

Well, I can relate. I wouldn’t say my Jenny had a sweet tooth. I would say she had a sweet mouth – full of sweet teeth! I admit, I did eat quite a bit of ice cream and chocolate when I was pregnant with her, but whether that was the cause of it or not, I’m not sure.

In any event, my precious Jenny was a simple eater – only the sweet stuff and that was it.

So I did what any mom would do in that situation. I consulted with the pediatrician, the family nutritionist, a child psychologist, the neighborhood well-baby specialist, and my dietitian. And after having been through this run around, I feel compelled to share my findings with any other mom who is going through what I went through.

Here are 7 clever tips and tricks to healthier eating for your sweet-toothed child:

  1. Pick Your Battles – Direct confrontation is not a great way to go when there’s an on-going issue with a 2 year old. This is because you end up in a power struggle and that’s demeaning for the parent. Your child will have a hard time respecting you when she sees that she can overpower you. Children need to feel secure that their parent is an authority that they can rely on to be strong, upholding what’s right. The answer to this dilemma is to “fight the battle” with more sophisticated “tactics” than your child has – with your clever mind and with adult resources.
  2. Camouflage Healthy Foods – Find recipes for dessert foods that contain healthy ingredients. For example, I found a delicious brownie recipe on Martha Stewart that calls for 2 cooked sweet potatoes. I even sneaked in a cooked zucchini one time and Jenny never knew the difference!
  3. Buy Snack Foods from the Health food Store – One day when Jenny had been particularly cooperative, I told her that I wanted to reward her buy going together to get some treats. I took Jenny on a snack-shopping-spree at the health food store. Seeing the rows and rows of colorful fruit leathers in their attractive packaging made her happy to have healthy snacks. Of course, I made sure not to mention the fact that they were healthy. She was happy that I was suggesting that she get sweets, and I just “happened” to drive us to the health food store. I told her she could choose 5 treats. So she did: 4 different flavors of fruit leather and a package of apple chips. She was delighted and I was as pleased as could be, too.
  4. Get an Ice Cream Maker – This is a great way to sneak healthy stuff into yummy food. You can use soymilk or even some tofu in the ice cream, not to mention fruit and nuts – and you child will likely never question you about it!
  5. Make Milkshakes – Milkshakes are a delicious way to consume calcium rich dairy and vitamin packed fruit. It can be exciting trying new flavors as the seasons change and different fruits become available.
  6. Seek Out a Playmate with Good Eating Habits – Eating can be a very social activity, and most kids will try what other kids are eating without hesitation. If you can make a picnic-playdate with another mom who’s child is about the same age as yours and who likes to eat healthy food, you’re likely to be able to get your child to eat some good nutrition without too much effort on your part.
  7. Be a Good Example – Even if your child is hung up on sweets now, it doesn’t mean that they’ll be like that forever. Especially if you role model for them otherwise. You see, as a parent, you are like a walking, talking advertisement to your child of how a person should be. So whatever your child sees you do, it makes an impression on them that will take root and effect who they are as they become adults. If they always see you snacking on carrot sticks in the car or having fruit in your cereal for breakfast, it will unconsciously become part of their self-expectations as they grow up.

Don’t be discouraged by the tough beginning stages of eating with little kids. Keep your eye on the big picture, get them through these years reasonably healthy, and gently teach them the right way to eat. In the end, you’ll be glad you did!

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