Stay Fit and Healthy Using Exercise Bikes and Mountain Bikes

Exercise bike workout

Now you have bought your exercise bike, you’ve got it home and unwrapped your new toy, now what. Well you can just jump on and start pedalling, that most definately is a start. However with a little extra know how you can get a lot more out of your workout. There are quick routines that will have much more of a benefit than hours and hours of slow pedalling. If you want to buy best exercise bikes in UK then read this complete article.

Exercise bike are great devices for all round fitness. They provide a good strengthening exrecise too your legs and buttocks, those with dual action will strengthen the core muscles in your torso. oosting your metabolism aiding long term fat loss, by increasing the calories burnt whilst resting. Added to this they give a superb aerobic exercise.

So what is a good aerobic workout. What you are aiming to do is raise your heart rate to around 70% of your maximum heart rate. This is a guide figure, if you are a beginner then 60% may be more acheivable. To calculate your max heart rate simply subtract your age from 220. So if you are 30 then your max heart rate is 220 – 30 = 190, easy.

A good aerobic training range is exercising so that you heart rate reaches 70% of this number, so for a 30 year old its. 190 x 0.7 = 133. For a beginner the rate you should be aiming for is 114 that 60% for a 30 year old. The range of 60-70% is generally considered the fat burning zone, if you exercise in this zone your body will burn mainly fat, higher than this and you will be burning carbio hydrates. So if weight loss is your goal then stay in this training zone.

Now don’t just jump on the bike and pedal like mad until your heart rate reaches your magic number. You need to steadily increase your heart rate over about 5mins before you reach your training heart rate. Once you are at your magic number hold it there for 15 mins, to begin with, increase this duration as you get fitter. Again afterwards don’t just jump off the bike, take a couple of minutes to bring your heart rate back down to a normal level.

As you get fitter you will need to increase the resistance on the bike, you’ll find you are pedalling furiously and your heart rate is steady just too low. Increase the load and your heart rate will increase.

Trek Mountain Bikes

In case you are a novice within the sport, their help team will go out of their way that will help you in buying the appropriate bike for you.They have a uniquely in depth range for kids and specially designed ones for the ladies. Their different versions include mountain and concrete commuter’s bikes that are gaining recognition amongst people from all types of backgrounds. You can checkout top 10 mountain bikes here.

If you wish to rough it out, their employees will assist you in guiding you to probably the most applicable tracks in your space where you’ll be able to have a variety of fun when you enhance your skills. The largest reason for their reputation is their recent marketing campaign which they have launched to promote the usage of bikes in place of using automobiles or motorbikes. Their economic system and eco-friendly idea has pressured many into contemplating this as a each day commuting option.

This marketing campaign is going to be an ideal contribution for the folks as at present a really high share of the inhabitants within the US is either over weight of obese. Changing the trend from utilizing cars to biking round will definitely reduce plenty of pollution and most undoubtedly a lot of weight.

If you’re not a trek mountain bikes consumer in the meanwhile and in addition not conscious of its plus factors, the only thing it’s essential to know is that these bikes should most important things which anyone would look for in a motorbike, that is they’re very robust which makes them long lasting and they’re made with nice engineering precision. Both these qualities make each bike an ideal one.

What not to do when you buy a Trek Mountain Bike?

Anybody who is actually passionate about mountain biking is aware of that purchasing the proper bike could make all of the difference. In case you are trying to buy a mountain bike to hit the trails, you should undoubtedly consider any of the Trek mountain bikes available.

These bikes have been round ever for the reason that pattern of mountain biking started, and since their introduction; the company has always created better performing bikes in order to give you the best racing experience. And you recognize the corporate delivers precisely what it claims when a famous persona like Lance Armstrong is seen riding one of these beauties.

Trek mountain bikes fulfill the wants and whims of mountain bikers of all ages and skill levels. The corporate in addition supplies an entire line of great accessories which are fitted to mountain biking. You’ll be able to easily avail safety gear, attire and even computer systems on your bike. And it does not end there, the company also has special bottles, diet packs and bars that you can avail.

A Trek mountain bike can even be purchased on the web site that the corporate has online. A great feature that the web site provides is that you can create your individual bikes holding in thoughts your requirements and later order it according to your specifications. You can have the bike that you have all the time dreamed of with none hassle.

Once you buy your personal bike, you too can be a part of Trek Journey i.e. mountain biking tours organized by the company. They are guided tours that assist make your biking journey secure and very memorable.

So, go ahead and purchase a Trek mountain bike if you want to experience high quality, innovation and elegance multi function bike.


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