Top 5 Secret Tips For Cleaning in Spring

Spring is here and that means it’s time for spring-cleaning. Don’t procrastinate a moment longer… I’ve got the secrets to easy spring cleaning that will have your home de-cluttered in no time.

Most of us put this chore off because we have piled layer after layer of clutter in our homes. Soon the whole thing seems like an impossible task and it’s hard to even start. In fact, the question is just that… where do I start?

First, let me tell you why clutter is detrimental to our health. Clutter is not only in our homes, it creeps into our minds and bodies as well. It can rob you of your joy, your energy, your thinking, your peace, everything.

Then clutter brings his friend, “stress” into the picture. And we all know what stress can do to our lives. Everything from sickness and disease, to death, so let’s get serious about our health and happiness and rid the clutter, shall we?

Start with a list of tasks and if you’ve got family in the home, delegate the task to each member, whether it’s room by room or by the task within the space.

The first secret to easy spring cleaning is to start with one room. This programs the mind and says, “Hey this isn’t so bad… it’s just one room.” You decide the room.

Grab a trash bag. You are first looking for things to be trashed, like cans, bottles, newspapers, anything broken, and everything else that needs to be thrown away.

You can always help the environment by thinking “green” and separate the trash for recycling aluminum cans, plastic bottles and paper.

Second secret to easy spring cleaning is to remove all invoices and bills that seem to be laying around the room. Put them all in a shoebox for filing later. When you get to that task, you’ll want to file all the bills and invoices in the office by company name.

The easiest way to do this is file by company name in yellow manilla files. File all invoices alphabetically for easy access. And then remember to never throw your bills on the countertop again.

The third secret to easy spring cleaning is these three basic but important questions you will need to ask yourself as you are going through the room with de-cluttering in mind:

1. When did I use this item last?

2. When did I wear this item last?

3. Will I use or wear this item again?

The rule of thumb is that if you have not used or worn that item in the last six months, chances are you won’t and you will need to get rid of it. You can trash it or give it to your local charity. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

The fourth secret to easy spring cleaning is to finish the task or room that you started. Never stop until it is done. You will feel good about this and will be encouraged to start a new task or room another day.

The fifth secret to easy spring cleaning is to deodorize the room once it is de-cluttered and cleaned. When the room smells clean, you feel a great sense of accomplishment.

Sometimes decluttering can get you in over your head; you may find you have a lot more junk than you originally anticipated. If this is the case, there are companies like this Toronto junk removal service that will take it and bring it to a recycling center or the dump; for any items that can be donated to charity, they’ll take care of that, too.

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