What is an auto air purifier ?

Air quality is important for your health – both in your home and in your car. People who spend long hours driving, smoke in their cars or transport pets find auto air purifiers very useful. Having in mind how polluted is the air in the streets you may find it vital for your wellbeing while driving.If you want to buy a quality air purifier, Then checkout top 10 air purifiers in India here.

An auto air purifier is an excellent accessory for people suffering allergies or respiratory problems. Moreover, most auto air purifiers can build in deodorizer to add a fresh and nice scent in your car. Auto air purifiers are common car accessories today. They clean the air in your car the same way a home air purifiers does in your home.

An auto air purifier can be plugged in vehicle’s 12-volt cigarette lighter socket and switched on when you drive. They are very energy efficient so you should not worry that a car purifier will exhaust your battery even if you leave it working during the night. There is a wide variety of auto air purifiers. Their prices vary depending on the type of the auto air purifier and its characteristics. Ionic auto air purifiers are the most common car air purifiers.

“Cars can also use air purification systems, although not as technologically advanced as the home systems, these are still excellent filters.”

They work on the same principle as a home ionic air purifier. They discharge negatively charged ions that catch the airborne particles. Some purifiers change the oxygen molecules to extra- oxygenate them. If such molecule bumps into another molecule like pollen, for example it simply burns it. There are auto air purifiers using filtering system featuring standard HEPA filter and a charcoal filter.

Their HEPA filters are actually the same as the HEPA filters of the home air purifiers and the charcoal filter help neutralize unpleasant odors. The price for an auto air purifier may vary depending on the type of the purifier and the retailer. Usually you can buy a pretty good purifier for less than $100. Bear in mind that an auto air purifier can filter the air and clean it from mechanical particles – dust, hair, pollens, bacteria, viruses, pet danger, etc.

However, chemical gases cannot be filtered with this kind of purifier. Only certain types of industrial purifiers can filter chemical substances. So do not expect that the dangerous fuel gasses will disappear from your car once you switch on the auto air purifier. What it will do is to reduce their level, provide you with safer environment, and clean the air so you will not be breathing the most penetrating and dangerous airborne particles.

Choosing the right air purifier ?

Over the years, smoking rates have fallen dramatically, and the number of people who still heat their home with wood is lower than at any other point. This huge surface area makes it ideal for adsorbing gases and odors, providing an enormous surface area for potential bonding with chemical/vapor molecules. Air purifiers that can clean the air in a space at least 4 times per hour are best for allergy- and asthma-sufferers. While the function of your air purifier is paramount, you may want to consider whether the style of the air purifier is important to you. The most commonly available filter type is HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air). It can filter most (up to 99.9%) air borne particles of small sizes of up to 0.3 microns. Air purifiers with ionizing technology, such as Sharp Plasmacluster, generate negative ions that attract positively charged air pollutants.

These emit ozone which can cause respiratory problems. Take care of your Gas stove or hub. If you like to eliminate toxic gases and bad odors consider ‘Activated Carbon filters’. So while these remain powerful indoor irritants, they are becoming less frequently found. Electrostatic Precipitators work off of similar principles of charged media filters, but instead of capturing these now charged particles on filters, the instead precipitate out and adhere to collector plates. A rate of 4 air changes per hour also ensures that the air purifier thoroughly cleans the air and filters out as many microscopic symptom-triggering allergens as possible to keep you breathing easy. In other words, think about how the air purifier fits in with your home’s decor. For general usage, HEPA filters get the job done. As the charged particles clump together, eventually they become heavy enough to fall from the air.

If you are looking for an air purifier, the portability and weight factor should be kept in mind. Make sure there is enough ventilation to push the cooking smells, fumes, gases and pollution outside. There is no point in taking just Carbon filters as they stand alone cannot purify dust particles. Household Odors and Gases include cooking odors, kitty litter, various toxins, and gaseous pollutants like indoor pesticides, aerosols, and chemical cleaners. This is the type of technology that was behind the infamous Ionic Breeze, and that “air purifier” highlights two problems with this type of filtration. When shopping for an air purifier with ACH in mind, look for the “Room Size for 4 ACH” specification on Sylvane’s air purifier product pages.

Air purifier technology is an investment in your health. Some brands provide ultrafine particle filter along with the HEPA filter to target particles even finer than 0.3 microns (Divide a hair strand into 240 pieces and the width of one such piece is equivalent to 0.3 microns). Note that HEPA filters do not remove odour. Part of the ultraviolet light spectrum, UV-C light is used by many hospitals to kill germs. Even a small air purifier may have the capability of cleaning a big room. A window by side will be helpful. So in the Indian market you can only find HEPA Carbon air purifiers. This type of pollutant is far more common than it used to be. First, air flow is critical, and if not robust, it is simply recycling the same air over and over. This piece of data gives you the recommended room size in order for the air purifier to achieve 4 air changes per hour.

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