What to Look For When Buying a Deep Fryer ?

These are just the basics of any good product that you will find when you research deep fryers . Of course, the best deep fat fryer reviews will have pictures so you can determine how each piece will look, and if it fits with your ideas of aesthetic beauty for a kitchen appliance. If you are looking to buy best deep fat fryers in UK then this guide will really help you.

  • Size
  • Warranty
  • Price
  • Safety
  • Heating Element Type
  • Temperature Control
  • Timer Set Up
  • Ease of Cleaning (removable vs. non-removable insert)

For some, the looks of a deep fryer doesn’t come into play, but in reality, it is a major appliance that is a part of your kitchen. If you spend time, money, and energy to make sure your kitchen looks great, how any appliance looks and matches your décor will matter, and you can get a good feel for that from the pictures.

Does Size Matter?

Of course size matters. That doesn’t necessarily mean bigger is better.

Consider the size of your family, or if you are single and cook mainly for yourself, how often you entertain or have friends over when you will be using the appliances .

When looking at deep fryer, I like to look for sizes big enough to produce enough for my family, with room for a couple servings more in case friends stop by.

If you entertain often, or throw big parties, even larger units are better, and you can find deep fryer on appliances large enough to feed a small army.

Innie or Outtie – Where the Heat Is

Look for heating elements that are immersed in the liquid. Some heat the heating element on the bottom of the pot on the outside, and while they work, they take much longer to heat the oil. Immersion heating elements are a bit messier to clean up, it’s true, but if you like your appliances to get ready quickly so you can get on with the actual cooking, you want to look for deep fryer that have the heaters in the oil.

Removable Reservoirs

As messy as immersion heating is, cleaning the prongs or loops that go in the oil really isn’t that big of a chore. What is a big chore is cleaning a deep fryer that you have to manage to wash without getting the electrical areas wet.

For that reason, when you are reading about deep fryer, always look for units that have removable reservoirs. Clean up is a snap with products from these types of deep fryer; simply pull out the reservoir and wash, and pop back into place.

Temperature Controls

Pay attention to the types of temperature controls offered. You can pick any type of console, digital or dial, push button or touch pad, but make sure the deep fryer show products that allow a good range of control on temperature.

Different types of food fry best at a wide variety of temperatures. Too hot can burn some foods that take a long time to cook through, or fry to a crisp thin, tender food. Too light will not cook thick foods all the way through, but will be perfect for tender vegetables.

Buying Guide to Deep fat fryers

So you are looking to buy a Deep Fat Fryer? A commercial deep fryer cooks foods extremely efficiently and quickly, and are often used in restaurants and commercial kitchens for appetizers and specific entrees. Whether you’re frying fish, chicken, doughnuts or chips, a Commercial Deep Fat Fryer is the ideal appliance to produce deliciously crispy and succulent foods. A “cool-wall”body will help prevent you from burning yourself on the fryer. Servicing costs on gas fryers may be slightly more expensive because of the need to check the gas system. Baked-on oil is also a problem in the fry tank and periodic degreasing with a strong detergent during oil changes will soften the fat and a non-abrasive kitchen scrubber or plastic bowl scraper will remove much of it. Commercial Fryers deliver products and profitability from various food items and will always be vital in a commercial kitchen. Just imagine cooking fresh deep fried chicken anytime you want in your own home! Deep fryers use a heating element to super-heat an oil medium to around 400° Fahrenheit. However, choosing the right fryer from such a vast range could seem overwhelming at first.

A viewing window will allow you to monitor the progress of the frying without having to open the lid. If the inclination is towards gas fired fryers; there are three heating systems with no clear choice on which is the best option. The fry tank will want thoroughly rinsing after the use of detergent and if there are electric element or tubes in the tank, care must be taken not to damage them. It does one thing but could deliver substantial contribution to your revenues. Knowing how fresh the ingredients are, and how fresh the oil is that you are cooking it in! When food product is dipped into the oil, the moisture inside boils, but because oil and water don’t mix, the product doesn’t lose moisture, but rather, is steamed from the inside out. For many businesses, a professional fryer is the primary cooking appliance, so it’s vital to understand the features and limitations of the machine before purchase. A rise and fall basket will make it easier to add food to the oil. Tube burners have wide tubes running across the lower inside of the fry tank. A build up of sticky grease will happen over time around dials for power control making them move slower. From garnishes to potatoes to meats to seafood and fish, this uni-tasker will deliver any time of the day.

There are quite a few deep fat fryers to choose from and you want to make sure you find the one that is right for you don’t you? Beyond these great deep fryer basics, here’s your buying guide to deep fryers and a great reference to bookmark for later maintenance. Countertop Fryers are generally smaller and are designed to be positioned on a worktop or counter. An auto-switch-off will ensure that the heating element will turn off if the oil becomes too hot. Inside the tubes are gas jets which transfer the heat into the oil through the tube wall. This puts stress on what are often plastic fittings and can lead to the dial shearing on the control pin. The fries in the sandwich combo is a great way to make this point. But how do you make the choice? It depends on how much fried food you cook in a day. Great for sites with limited space. A locking lid will keep your hands away from hot oil and steam. The second gas system is to have a big bank of gas jets concentrated on the exterior of the fry tank while the third, is a system using infra-red heaters, which give a high output of heat. If the control dial pulls off, then do so on a regular basis and clean around the dial. Every time a combo is ordered the Fryer delivers revenues.


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